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You’ll want 09_Refreshto make sleep a high priority on your to-do list when you slip into a Refresh mattress. You’ll wake up more confident, more yourself- fierce. Watch Out, World.
08_OmniSimply wonderful sleep. Turn off your alarm clock, pull closed the shades, set your phone to silent- it’s time for a great night’s sleep. Omni nurtures your bliss, every night.
03_SleepEssenceYour comfort comes first- every aspect of the Sleep Essence line ensures you sleep soundly all night long. A night spent tossing and turning leads to an unproductive day and sometimes even pain. Sleep Essence is the solution you’ve been looking for, you can sleep on that.
04_AmericanSleepVacation quality sleep on a work day- late night, early morning, no problem. We hope that made you smile, we know our American Sleep line of mattresses will. Turn your boring old bedroom into a country cottage with Southerland quality sleep.
05_AmericanXAmerican Excellence has the mattress from your favorite bed and breakfast in Vermont, the sleep you remember from the beautiful ranch in the mountains of Wyoming. You can expect more from a Southerland mattress- the best, even.
07_MajesticHow’d you sleep last night? Regally. You know, like a Queen. You’ve never answered that question like that? You will. Wake up in a Majestic bed and you’ll wonder why your crown isn’t all aglow on your nightstand.
06_SleepXWe recommend eight hours of sleep a night, sometimes you only get four- we make sure they’re the most comfortable four hours of your busy day- John Busyman is sleeping, wow, this is zzzzzzzz… Spend one night in a Sleep Xpression bed and you’re sure to Tweet about it the next day